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Creed - Ch. 4: Microwave Chicken Nuggets and Vodka
Jay jumped as he heard the sudden knock on his door. He looked up, and had to think for a moment and remember where he was, which often happened when he spent too much time on his work without a break. Slowly, he remembered he was in Adam’s house, in the guest room, and it was… He checked his watch. 12:33. Judging by the sunlight leaking through the closed blinds and drawn curtains, it must have been just past noon; Jay had started working around eight the night before.
    He heard another knock, and he was reminded of what brought him out of his trance. “Jay, I brought you some food.”
    Jay blinked, and he quickly got up. “What about you, haven’t you eaten?” He asked as he pulled on his hoodie.
    “Uh… No, I was gonna wait and eat with you-”
     Jay suddenly tore the door open fast, and he saw Adam jump right outside his door from the sudden movem
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Harvey - Ch. 32 - Red Flare
Harvey was having a pleasant dream about white rabbits in a pasture when he was abruptly woken by a painful force that sent him flying. He first became aware of his own wakefulness when he was tumbling to a halt a few feet from where he had fallen asleep, a bit of smoke rising off of his clothes. Suddenly, he felt very hot in Blaze's heavy winter jacket. He could feel a burning on his skin, not enough to make him jerk in pain, but far too much to be comfortable. He scrambled to his feet, stumbling a little, and there was another surge of heat and red light that flew right past his head, followed by a loud explosion as it hit the cave wall behind him, shaking the very ground. Harvey let out a loud cry of alarm and instinctively fell to his knees again, covering his head with his arms as the noise faded along with the shaking of the room. After it was done, he heard a snickering, and he looked up with wide eyes to see his attacker - but it was the person he least expected.
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Harvey - Ch. 31 - Belly of the Beast
When Ross first heard his voice, he swore he had heard it before, somewhere in a distant memory. He had never been so good at remembering things, so it was no surprise that he couldn't remember whoever this guy's voice was - but for some reason, he had a gut feeling that he definitely wasn't supposed to be hearing his voice at all, and the scary thought put the hairs on the back of his neck and arms on end. He knew he was the only one alarmed by this, because Harvey seemed unaffected as ever by the voice; unless he was just being his usual unobservant self.
    Harvey himself was only initially startled by the sound of the voice on what seemed like some sort of intercom, like in a school building - only there didn't seem to be a speaker anywhere. For the life of him, he couldn't figure out where the voice was even coming from, and he was so distracted trying to find it, he didn't listen to half the things the voice was actually saying. Luckily, Ross had been too dis
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Rythian and the Earth by ThaliaKal Rythian and the Earth :iconthaliakal:ThaliaKal 13 2 Just Nuke It by ThaliaKal Just Nuke It :iconthaliakal:ThaliaKal 5 3
Harvey - Ch. 30 - The Entity
Bright orange eyes blinked open as an entity awoke; the bright eyes seemed to partially illuminate the room which their resident body resided in; could it be called a body? The philosophy could be regarded either way, whether the transparent form of a man neither dead nor living could be seen as a "body". Some argued that it was so, as it was capable of containing an intelligent being in control of their own movements; some, however, could argue that it was not, as the form had no solid consistency regardless of soul.
   This, of course, is completely irrelevant.
   The eyes, whether contained in a "real" body or not, were open and shining. Their dim orange glow was filled with something like suspicion and mild concern. The entity to which the eyes belonged wondered what had changed to wake them, and considering themselves a scientist of sorts, they elected to find out. A floor seemed to appear below them in the otherwise dark room, a stone jagged and littered with
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Creed - Ch. 3 - Weird Roommate
Adam's house had three bedrooms total. It was meant for a family with two kids, but Adam had neither a family and nor kids, now. He slept in one room, Ty in another, and Jay occupied the third. Jay's friend Ivor slept on the couch, insisting that he had slept in much less comfortable places and that a Jay should sleep on a bed.
    Adam supposed he now had three roommates. He didn't really mind it though, and even if he did, he wouldn't have the energy to do anything about it. He had just been tired recently; physically and mentally. No matter how much he tried to sleep, his nightmares would either keep him up or disturb whatever rest he managed to get. Not only that, but without baby Mason around the care for, Adam had a little trouble taking care of himself, especially in his sleep-deprived state. Several times, Ty had to remind him to shower.
    Jay was surprisingly attentive - half the time. The other half, he spent locked up in his room, doing god knows what.
:iconthaliakal:ThaliaKal 4 7
Harvey - Ch. 29 - Follow the Light
The next course was even more challenging and dangerous than the previous lava adventure, but still, things were looking up. Deadlox was much better when he woke the next day. He had begun to heal, and after getting a good rest and sufficient food, he was practically back to normal aside from a slight limp. He had been injured before as well, and knew how to deal with the pain. His snark was back, and he had a light in his eyes once more. Sky couldn't be more relieved.
     After his rather brief talk with Bodil the night before, he had tossed and turned most of the night. Now, he was more shaky than his wounded friend. He tried to hide it, but he knew Deadlox would be able to tell anyways, so he didn't waste too much energy. Luckily, Deadlox didn't waste any energy trying to find out what was wrong either.
     This course was not only raised over lava, but it was built out of somehow hovering sand. Even the slightest weight would make it fall,
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Harvey - Ch. 28 - Epic
"You haven't unlocked your magic yet, so your spells won't be all that powerful at all." Ross was explaining the next day, crossing his arms. He and Harvey were standing in a clearing beside a creek, True only half watching from where he sat atop a fallen tree as he scribbled his scientific chicken scratch on some parchment which he had brought along. Deadlox's headphones, though they weren't connected to anything or playing any music, were around his shoulders. "The only reason why you can conjure anything at all is because of your wand. It strengthens your power."
    Harvey nodded. "Okay... So can you teach me anything?"
    "Of course I can, shut up, I'm monologuing." Ross waved a hand at him, making True laugh a little. "So, magic comes from inside you. It's in your soul, in your heart, in your mind. You have to focus, believe and try very hard to make magic happen, but anybody can do it. Even a human like you."
    "I do
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Creation Theory - Ch. 20 - The Eye of the Storm
Softly, pattering on the ground lightly, like a very thin mist, the rain fell from the sky struck the ground easily, forming small puddles here and there. Not many warriors were outside, in fact, almost all of those on the side of the Demigods were either resting or recovering in their tents, preparing for the fight to begin again the next day. A brief pause had been called on both sides due to casualties, though some had suspicions that Marcus had other things planned. Nonetheless, they took the opportunity to rest as they needed it badly.
Among the few standing outside, the Demigod of the humans was by the flap of the large infirmary tent, peering inside. A few beds from the center, a certain young man, Steve, was resting, recovering from a bad hit – but Bodil was more interested in the man sitting beside him. Tyler had his head buried in his arms, maybe sleeping, maybe praying; Bodil had no idea. He had been working up the courage to go over to him and ask if he was alright fo
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Creed - Ch. 2 - The Visionary
It was decided, based on Adam's current state and his strange waking nightmares, that it would be best if Mason stayed with his mother for awhile. Adam was alright with that, since he knew it would be best for the baby - but he missed him so much, it definitely didn't help his mental state improve. Alesa persuaded Ty to stay in town awhile longer and watch out for Adam, which Adam was fine with.
    Ty was a big help over the next several weeks. He not only insisted that Adam take a leave from work for his health, but also made sure he ate and went outside - he drank with him too, but not so much that it was dangerous. Adam was extremely grateful to him, even though he wasn't much for conversation at the moment. Ty still worked, so Adam was left home alone for most of the day, which gave him a lot of time to sleep - and to dream. Or rather, to have nightmares.
    He didn't tell anybody, but the visions were just getting worse. He didn't even tell Ty, knowing his fr
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Creed - Ch. 1 - Loss
Losing a friend is never easy. It is a sensation difficult to describe in words other than grief. If one were to try hard to find something nice to say about the situation, they would probably say something like, "At least I don't have to hear them say that one annoying thing ever again...!" and the statement would be quickly followed by tears and regret. Denial occurs in many cases, and anger, and bargaining, and all over stages of grief. It is also only natural to want to be alone for awhile.
    Although there was no body to be buried, the gravestone could be found rested beneath the violet willow. Six stood around the stone. One had not attended the service. After, the seven didn't even try to keep going as a team. It wasn't long before they all separated to continue their lives elsewhere, and hopefully forget the pain. Each of them went in a different direction.
     One went to the jungle, to live in solitude among the trees they loved and hunt to keep th
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Harvey - Ch. 27 - Close Ties
Sky recognized his voice instantly, and he wished he didn't. Once, that voice had made him happy, and had made him and his friends laugh with his words and how he said them. Once, he had looked forward to hearing that voice, and then he missed hearing it once they lost him... He had hoped that someday he would hear that voice again. But not like this.
    His voice seemed to come from the very walls of their earthy cage, echoing around from no certain origin. His tone was playful, but cold, as if he was planning an experiment and was explaining it to his test subjects. That voice used to be a whole lot brighter once upon a time. Sky didn't let his recognition and sadness show for Deadlox's sake. He didn't want to stress him out more than he already was with his wound.
    "I'm sure by now you're wondering where you are." The voice began, startling them both with how sudden it was. They had both been very occupied by observing their surroundings.
    Sky sp
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Minecraftia Realm, East Ocean
June 15, 2013
Three years before Harvey begins
Days before Seto's disappearance...
Dark, mysterious... powerful. A vast blue graveyard full of once great men that died at sea and the corpses of ancient ships that sank long ago, forgotten with time. The ocean holds many mysteries of its past that are unexplainable... most of them, anyway.
    "We shouldn't be here."
    "We have to be, we need this jewel."
    "Do we really? We have a good enough setup in the Guild right now, we're doing fine! Bajan even just brought home a decent dragon's hoard of treasure we can use to set up defenses on the villagers!"
    "Those bandits are getting smarter though, Seto, we need as much help as we can get."
    "A lot can go wrong here, though..."
    "Danger follows us all the time, we're used to it. At least, I like to think we are."
    "Whatever... just, be very careful
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Merry Christmas, From Tydil
Tyler was woken by a gently peck on the forehead. He smiled a little and pulled his knees closer to his chest as his nose wrinkled.
    "Merry Christmas..." He heard his lover say in his adorable accent, a hint of excitement in his voice.
    Tyler looked up at him and couldn't help but giggle a little. "Merry Christmas..."
    Bodil was sitting on the edge of the bed, still in his pajamas, grinning down at him with twinkling puppy-brown eyes. "C'mon! Let's do presents first this time!"
    Tyler made a noise of surprise as Bodil pulled him up. "But don't you always make breakfast?"
    "I'll do it right after!"
    Bodil pulled his groggy soulmate out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Tyler yawned on the way, rubbing his eyes. "Bodil, don't you think it's a little... strange for me to celebrate Christmas?"
     "Huh? What makes you say that?"
    "Well, I'm a demon."
    Bodil gave him a l
:iconthaliakal:ThaliaKal 4 5
As the meeting in God's Realm was adjourned, Bodil felt as drained as ever. It was difficult always working so hard to express his opinion, and it always left him somewhat tired. He was the last one out of the meeting room as usual, because he didn't want to accidentally push any body - or get pushed himself - trying to get out of the door just a few seconds faster. He looked up and down the corridor, and saw Notch and Hero not far away, talking over what they thought about the decisions. Bodil smiled a little and ran after them to try and take part. "Hey!"
   He was too far away for them to hear, and by the time he reached them, he didn't want to speak out again for fear of sounding annoying.
   "-be a good idea. If only we could get permission." Hero was saying to Notch.
   "I'm writing a case to her asking." Notch replied. "I want this to work. I don't think it's enough for just Zek to be in charge of it, I think - just for some cases - he should be all
:iconthaliakal:ThaliaKal 8 8


Touken Ranbu Fanbook by Daniiux Touken Ranbu Fanbook :icondaniiux:Daniiux 598 15 YogsSongComic Section 1 by CheshireCatGrin YogsSongComic Section 1 :iconcheshirecatgrin:CheshireCatGrin 32 18 Alien Sjin by Wuselig Alien Sjin :iconwuselig:Wuselig 91 5 The Wheel of Life by EnderShadeMC The Wheel of Life :iconendershademc:EnderShadeMC 7 11 FFVX: Noctis by bonhwaJP FFVX: Noctis :iconbonhwajp:bonhwaJP 133 4 Lifeline by Cerebrobullet-art Lifeline :iconcerebrobullet-art:Cerebrobullet-art 96 6 Have You Had Enough? by Cerebrobullet-art Have You Had Enough? :iconcerebrobullet-art:Cerebrobullet-art 90 8 [steven universe au] u fCK by spacemagician [steven universe au] u fCK :iconspacemagician:spacemagician 20 3 Calixto by Atomoemyu Calixto :iconatomoemyu:Atomoemyu 61 25 COMM: Ingvild by Kmicicowa COMM: Ingvild :iconkmicicowa:Kmicicowa 58 10 Facing the Tides of Darkness - Warcraft Lordaeron by Carancerth Facing the Tides of Darkness - Warcraft Lordaeron :iconcarancerth:Carancerth 159 20 Warhammer - The boy on the watch by Carancerth Warhammer - The boy on the watch :iconcarancerth:Carancerth 191 19 Monkey Island: Follow that map! by EmperorMossy Monkey Island: Follow that map! :iconemperormossy:EmperorMossy 133 30 [vent] . by spacemagician [vent] . :iconspacemagician:spacemagician 7 3 Characters of Aventuria by Neferu Characters of Aventuria :iconneferu:Neferu 84 15


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I'll totally draw your whole OC front facing for like ten cents. I'm saving up for an adoptable ^^; Thank you!


I'm thinking about opening an ask for any Harvey or Creed characters! So go for it, I'll answer what I can <3

Jay jumped as he heard the sudden knock on his door. He looked up, and had to think for a moment and remember where he was, which often happened when he spent too much time on his work without a break. Slowly, he remembered he was in Adam’s house, in the guest room, and it was… He checked his watch. 12:33. Judging by the sunlight leaking through the closed blinds and drawn curtains, it must have been just past noon; Jay had started working around eight the night before.

    He heard another knock, and he was reminded of what brought him out of his trance. “Jay, I brought you some food.”

    Jay blinked, and he quickly got up. “What about you, haven’t you eaten?” He asked as he pulled on his hoodie.

    “Uh… No, I was gonna wait and eat with you-”

     Jay suddenly tore the door open fast, and he saw Adam jump right outside his door from the sudden movement. “Don’t ever wait for me!” He snapped.

     Adam blinked a few times. “…Sure, okay… Anyway, I microwaved some chicken nuggets, you want some?”

     Jay’s eyes lit up a little and, without a word, he left the room, heading quickly down the hall. Adam watched him go, before he glanced into the bedroom curiously. He could just glimpse through slightly ajar door what looked like a strange machine, like one of those heart monitors in the hospital, but it was connected to maybe a million wires, and it was turned off. There were tons of diagrams of brains printed all over the walls, of all sorts of scans. Adam’s brows furrowed, wondering not for the first time what the hell Jay did in his spare time. “What are you doing in there-?”

     Jay was suddenly beside him again and cut him off by shutting the door abruptly, and pulling Adam down the hall with him. “Where’s Ivor?” He asked as they went down the stairs and around to the kitchen.

     “Uh… I think he went for a walk or something with Rascal and Apollo, and Ty’s out drinking.” The pair sat at the two stools by the kitchen bar and Jay instantly took a bite of one of the nuggets Adam had heated up.


      Adam ate one of them whole and swallowed it with a sip of water before he asked, “Jay, what are you making? If it has to do with my dreams, I wanna know. It better not be illegal.”

     Jay chewed his chicken slowly and swallowed before finally answering carefully. "Well... I think - I hope - it'll enhance your dreams.”

     Adam’s eyes narrowed, alarm bells going off in his head. "What? I thought we were trying to stop the dreams from happening, not make them worse!"

    Jay shook his head. “Don’t panic, you don’t understand what I’m saying.” He said. “It's more complicated than that, you can't just stop dreams like that without causing serious brain damage. See, I have a theory that your dreams aren't... actual dreams. The tests I did on you a few days ago proved that."

    Adam blinked. "Wait, what tests?"

    Jay continued on without answering him. "When you sleep, you don't even enter the REM cycle. You just lay there. You don't dream at all."

    Adam’s brow furrowed. That didn’t sound healthy. "Then... If the things I see aren't dreams, what are they?"

    "If I'm correct, and I have been so far, they're memories."

    "Memor - no that can't be right, how can I remember places I've never been before?"

    "Because they're not your memories."

    Adam stared at him blankly.

    Jay drew a deep breath, took a sip of water, and stood from his stool. “Okay, I'm going to need you to listen to this very carefully. Are you listening?"

    "I'm trying to..."

    "Well, try harder. This is a major plot reveal point here. I'm going to explain the multiverse to you, right here, in this kitchen, while you stuff your face with microwave chicken nuggets. Here we go..." Jay cleared his throat and gave Adam no time to think before he continued. “So! I’ll start from the very beginning. This place, this rock you live on hurtling through space, is called Earth. You like it here, you’ve never left, you’re comfortable with all the stars above and metals below and all the continents and the one sun and one moon. Well, what if I told you that there are an uncountable number of other universes like this one.” Jay reached up and started to look through his cupboards as he spoke. “They can be just like this one in every way, or they can be more different than you can comprehend. There are worlds with magic and dragons and battles with sword, and there are futuristic worlds with space travel and ray guns and aliens. And with every single one of these worlds, there is a different version of you, and these other you’s are called counterparts. Are you following?”

    Adam just stared at him with big eyes, having had stopped chewing on the nugget in his mouth several quick sentences ago.

    Jay didn’t look at him, already knowing how he would react. He pulled down a bottle of vodka as he kept going. “Okay, cool. Anyways, some universes are closer together in spacetime or the cosmos or the void or whatever you want to call it, and that part is a whole lot more complicated with the quantum physics and all that, but basically, sometimes, worlds will be so close together that they can, figuratively speaking, collide. A gateway can open between realms, and people can bridge the gap and travel between them as easy as driving from here to Canada. Inter-dimensional is already a thing between many worlds, and the way things are going, our dimension, good old Earth, is probably going to be in contact with some other very soon. You know how I know that?” He asked, pouring some of the vodka he found into a shot glass.


    Jay gave him a half glance over his shoulder. “Because you personally have already made contact with another realm, and one of your counterparts.”

    Adam stared at him, his face pale as he tried to take in everything he had just heard. Under different circumstances he would never believe this man who just walked into his house one day and was somewhere between ignoring him and constantly badgering him about his health, but with his dreams and the flashes and everything, he could see no other choice. He tasted something sour in his mouth.

    Jay set the shot of vodka down in front of him on the counter. "Drink that, it'll help.”

            Adam downed it instantly, and Jay leaned against the counter, watching him with those bright, almost alien blue eyes, shining with curiosity. "So, this may or may not be true, but what I think happened is you or one of your counterparts messed with something, probably something magic, that resonated between realms. Have you been messing with any meteors or magical artifacts recently?"

    "...Uh...” Adam thought back. “N-No..."

    "Well, you would probably know if you did, so I'm going to guess that it was one of your counterparts instead. Well, in any case, according to my theory, what happened is your consciousnesses were linked because of your counterpart's contact with a magical artifact and now, when you sleep, you see their memories, and when they sleep, they see your memories. But it's not strong, which means you just get flashes that disrupt your daily life at random times, whenever something you see reminds you of a memory that belongs to your counterpart. We can't see what world you've become so close to, or who your counterpart even is, because your bursts are so short. That is why we have to enhance the dreams so that you take can control of it when they're awake. You take over their body while you sleep, find out where you are, find out in that world how to fix your situation and find out how to sever the link so you can dream again. If I can get this machine working, which shouldn't be a problem, you will literally possess your counterpart in another dimension and go around the world finding some magical thing so you can stop seeing your counterpart's memories when you sleep." Jay finished with an exhale and he looked at Adam again with twinkling eyes.

    Adam stared back at him with huge eyes, face white as a sheet as he realized just how crazy and impossible this whole situation was; but still, he could see no other alternative. As crazy as it was, it had to be true. It was the only answer that made sense, and posed a solution.

    Jay only smiled at him sympathetically and poured another shot of alcohol into the glass. “More vodka?” He suggested, holding it out to him.

    Adam took it and downed it, sighing in resignation after it was gone and rubbing his forehead as he set it down a bit harshly on the counter after. “You’re going to turn me into an alcoholic…” He joked half-heartedly, in a low voice.

    Jay stared at him, blinked a few times, and then seemed to remember something. “…Oh. Yeah.” Adam swore he looked a little paler as he dropped the still half-full vodka bottle in the trash can. “Anyways.” Jay looked at him again with a slightly twisted smile, and he was back, as strange as ever. “So that was Theory of the Multiverse 101. How do you feel?”


    Jay smiled a little. "Yeah, it tends to have that effect on people..."

    Adam stared at his empty glass for several seconds, before he looked at the shorter man again. "Who are you?"

    Jay blinked. "...Just... Jay Provst, you know-"

    "You're a genius, Jason, you know what I mean.”

    Jay's gaze softened and he fell quiet. "...I can't tell you everything... I just know things. That's all I can say. I just... know more than most humans about the dimensions."

    Adam sighed, but he knew he would have to be satisfied with that answer. "Are you ever going to tell me?"

    Jay hesitated thoughtfully, before he shrugged. “Maybe someday, if you get me drunk enough." He joked, and Adam laughed just a little.

    "Well, that was a lit to take in. I feel like I've been enlightened, like I should go meditate or something... hey, what does all this multiverse stuff have to do with God and religion?"

    Jay hesitated, thinking over his next words carefully, before he finally shrugged again. "Who knows? There are plenty of theories, but nothing can be proven, not yet anyway."

    "...What do you believe in?"

    "Me? I'm a scientist, Adam, I'm an atheist."

    "I guess that makes sense... I'm just agnostic. I don't know what I believe." He thought for a moment, before he looked at Jay again. "When do you think your machine will be ready?"

    Jay smiled some, blue eyes brightening a little, if it were possible. "You're ready to go through with the procedure?"

    "It's more like I just want this whole thing to be over with... I don't feel ready to go to another realm at all, but... Yeah. I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be."

    "That's expected." Jay nodded mildly as he went through some quick equations in his head "Well, in that case, I'll go work on it. With a few all-nighters, I can finish it quick!"

    Adam nodded back. "Okay, but, you should take care of yourself first..."

    Jay just shrugged before walking down the hall back to his room. He disappeared inside without another word.

    Adam watched him go, before he took a deep breath and got up himself. Instantly, he felt a little dizzy, but he just snorted and cursed before going to the television to wait until the vodka wore off.

Creed - Ch. 4: Microwave Chicken Nuggets and Vodka
I craved chicken nuggets like the whole time I was writing this but yEAH
I'm actually really proud of this chapter and I'm really excited for what's coming next. I'll hopefully be able to start posting this story to Wattpad soon too, I just have to make the cover
So yeah!! I hope you enjoyed!
Creed update coming tomorrow! I just finished the chapter and I haven't been this proud of my writing in a long time let me tell you I'm excited
School is OVER
Canada was GREAT
Got some CANDLES


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I'm thinking about opening an ask for any Harvey or Creed characters! So go for it, I'll answer what I can <3


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