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I just lost my best friend and I can't stop shaking and no one is awake to talk about it I'm so mad and sad and upset I can't even think oh my god I just I thought it was okay...! I thought I was doing good...!
Softly, pattering on the ground lightly, like a very thin mist, the rain fell from the sky struck the ground easily, forming small puddles here and there. Not many warriors were outside, in fact, almost all of those on the side of the Demigods were either resting or recovering in their tents, preparing for the fight to begin again the next day. A brief pause had been called on both sides due to casualties, though some had suspicions that Marcus had other things planned. Nonetheless, they took the opportunity to rest as they needed it badly.
Among the few standing outside, the Demigod of the humans was by the flap of the large infirmary tent, peering inside. A few beds from the center, a certain young man, Steve, was resting, recovering from a bad hit – but Bodil was more interested in the man sitting beside him. Tyler had his head buried in his arms, maybe sleeping, maybe praying; Bodil had no idea. He had been working up the courage to go over to him and ask if he was alright for possibly over an hour now, and by then, he was pretty soaked from the drizzling rain that had been falling the whole time. He didn’t seem to notice at all, though. He didn’t even seem to realize he was staring anymore, he was so lost in his anxious thoughts.
Bodil made no answer as the voice stated his name like a greeting.
“…Hey.” He jumped when the newcomer grabbed his shoulder and he looked behind him in alarm, almost ready to attack.
Notch quickly held up his hands, showing he meant no harm. “Hey, relax, it’s just me.” Bodil huffed a little. His gaze shifted inside the tent again, before he turned away. “What’s the matter?”
“Nothing’s wrong with me, but what about you?”
“You’ve been standing outside the infirmary tent forever. Is something wrong?”
Bodil stared at the God of Gods silently, as if trying to decide if he had some sort of ulterior motive for asking his feelings. He had every right to think this way.
Notch sighed at the look. “I’m not gonna tease you, just tell me.”
Bodil shifted a little and glanced inside again instinctually.
Notch gave up trying to let the “younger” god bring up the matter on his own. “It’s Tyler, isn’t it.” He asked the question as though it were a sentence, his tone a little frustrated and his face deadpanned.
Bodil stammered something that wasn’t English. Notch pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation. “Look, if it is, that’s perfectly fine.” He said, almost sternly. “But why are you just staring at him for hours like an idiot?”
Bodil shifted his weight from foot to foot nervously. “…Was it really hours…?”
“Several, unless you took breaks when I wasn’t looking. Look, what are you doing out here in the rain?”
Bodil continued shifting his weight. “…I just… wanted to… to ask… if he’s okay…”
“So why don’t you just go in and ask him?” Notch’s tone was thick with agitation. Bodil looked very uncomfortable with the conversation and made no response. Notch noticed the slightly panicked look in the human’s puppy eyes, and for once, his own gaze softened. He sighed and thought over his words before speaking again. “Bodil… if you want to go help him, you should go. Don’t be afraid.”
Bodil blinked in surprise at his suddenly kind words. He opened his mouth, then shut it again. A moment passed before he sighed softly and looked down, unable to meet his gaze. “It’s just… I want to support him… but I… there was…” He swallowed shakily. “…I-I’m scared…”
Notch stared at him with sympathy for once in his life. “…Scared of being let down…?”
Bodil didn’t answer, staring at his shoes. If one were to look very closely, they would notice his shoulders trembling.
“…You shouldn’t put off making things right between loved ones…”
Bodil looked up in surprise at the unexpected advice. Notch was looking past him, into the tent. Bodil didn’t know, but he was staring at Steve. “…Otherwise, you might never get a chance to. You never know what’s going to happen. Especially with this war going like it is.”
Bodil was quiet for a few seconds. “…So we’re losing.”
Notch only sighed, looking back to him. “There’s going to be a meeting early tomorrow morning between Demigods to arrange a new strategy. I expect you to be there.”
Bodil nodded slowly. “Yeah, of course…” He offered a tiny, half-hearted smile. “I don’t ever want to miss another meeting again.”
Notch stared at him, before he turned walking away quickly without answering him. Bodil was too on edge to care. He peered back into the tent and took a slow, deep breath. He thought about what Notch had told him a last time, and finally stepped inside, heading towards Tyler where he sat by the unconscious Steve’s bed. On the way, he passed by Martian’s hospital bed and stopped to look at him interestedly. His counterpart from Archangel was sitting up in bed, all gauzed up, propped up by pillows, and recovering with Ian by his side. He was reading the Bible – the Christian Bible, it looked like.
Bodil wrinkled his nose. “I’m a god.” He pointed out to him.
“Fuck you.” Martian replied simply without even looking up as he turned the page.
Bodil simply rolled his eyes and looked back over to Tyler with the intention of going the rest of the distance over to him, but then he saw that suddenly, he was awake; and he wasn’t alone. Steven, his friend from before, was on the other side of the bed from him. They were talking, both with solemn expressions, Steven seeming more comforting than anything. Bodil’s eyes widened and sudden panic rose in him so he couldn’t possibly take a step closer. If they were talking, he didn’t want to intrude. He didn’t want to get in their way. He turned and quickly left the Infirmary tent again, too startled to even remember what Notch had said to him before. Hero saw him go from where he had been stood talking to Notch outside the main food tent which was just across from the Infirmary, and he sighed. “Damn, well, there he goes.”
“I knew he wasn’t gonna do it, no matter what I said.” Notch muttered.
“I’m gonna go talk to him.” Hero started forwards, but Notch stopped him by putting a hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t. Let him figure this out himself.”
Hero stared at him a moment, before he decided that his older brother was right, and he nodded. “Yeah… I’m… just going to go rest.”
Notch didn’t say anything, just watched his brother head back to his tent with his arms crossed.
Thankfully, they weren’t the only ones to see Bodil chicken out. Over Tyler’s shoulder, Steven had seen him just as he was leaving. He looked at Tyler once he was gone, cutting him off mid-sentence. “Why don’t you go for a walk?”
Tyler blinked in surprise at the suggestion. For the most part, Steven had been quietly listening as he talked, but his sudden outburst jolted him out of his mindless, soft rambling. “Huh?”
“You should go for a walk. Some fresh air will clear your head before the battle. C’mon, you gotta calm down. All this worrying over Steve will just distract you. Go for a walk.”
Tyler hesitated, seeming to be pondering over the idea at least. His gaze wandered to Steve’s sleeping expression again, brows furrowed with concern.
“Tyler.” Steve said, grabbing his attention back with a knowing but very slight smile. “I’ll watch him.”
Tyler thought a moment longer, before he nodded. “You’re right…” He stood with a sigh, and glared at him. “If he dies while I’m gone, I’ll murder you.”
Steven only rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Get going.”
The corner of Tyler’s mouth twitched up just a tiny bit, and he left the Infirmary tent finally. As he stepped into the misty open air, he slid his hands into his pockets and took some deep breaths as he walked along. He kept his head down for the most part and let his mind wander, because he didn’t want to end up in a conversation with some other soldier about the potential outcome of the war. He didn’t want to talk about it. He already knew it probably wasn’t going to be good.
Of course, his wandering mind went straight to Steve, and how he would recover. Quickly after, he reminded himself mentally that he shouldn’t think about that. He would be fine, he was practically a god, after all. He had to focus on the war, or everyone would be dead. His team, all his friends, the Demigods, Herobrine, Bodil… everyone. The pressure only made him more nervous.
He sighed at his own worry, ruffling his hair to distract himself and to flick out some of the misty raindrops that had fallen onto it. The whole battle up to now had been a real mess. The help of his teammates halfway through was great and it really lifted his spirit like seeing his friends again had. But then Steve had been hit – no, he wasn’t allowed to think about him – and then Martian… Tyler winced at the memory. He felt a little bad about how relieved he was to learn that the one who had been hit was Martian, but if it had been Bodil… He had been hit in the back… He would’ve…
…What would he do if Bodil died? Tyler supposed he would go back to the way things were months earlier, before this whole mess had started when Marcus nearly killed him, and when Notch saved him. That seemed so long ago now… Staying with Bodil was really a high point of his life, when all was said and done. The training was harsh, sure, but there were a lot of times when they didn’t have anything to do, and then the two had a lot of fun. They played chess, ate at Bellatoni’s, went fishing, always had Artie nearby, and so much more. They would even watch movies together a lot after dinner and read together in the same room, just being quiet in each other’s presence. The Demigods as a whole were a lot of fun to be around, too, because of their banter and how interesting and diverse they all were.
If all of that were to go away… if he were to go back to his normal life fighting in the army… he didn’t know what he would do with himself. But one thing was for sure; after this battle, if they somehow managed to turn the tides and win, he wouldn’t let the friends he made become a memory. He would stay in contact, somehow. Suddenly, Tyler became aware of some music playing nearby. He stopped in surprise, and realized then that he had traveled subconsciously to a part of the camp which he had never been to before. He looked towards the sound, and was surprised to see none other than Bodil there. He was sitting in the shelter of a small tent, probably his own, playing a guitar of some kind.
Tyler tilted his head, and didn’t interrupt as he listened. For the most part, he was good. He seemed to know his chords very well, and his fingers didn’t seem to have any problem moving in the right tempo. But even so, he kept hearing a lot of sour notes coming from him. Every single time he hit one, Bodil winced heavily, like it was a blow to the heart, but he still kept on playing. Then, as he listened, Tyler realized that he recognized the song he was singing. His eyes lit up for a moment, like some tiny, happy piece of his soul was excited for once, despite the war raging on around them. He smiled a little, and decided to help Bodil out.
“We’ll see the universe,” He began to sing, “and dance on Saturn’s rings.”
Bodil jumped in surprise and stopped playing. He looked up quickly, and when he saw Tyler there, he blushed brightly in embarrassment, his eyes wide. But before he could say anything, Tyler only smiled and signaled for him to keep going quickly. Though he was a little uncertain, Bodil looked down at his strings again and kept going.
Tyler sang along in kind. “Heaven isn’t too far; heaven is where you are.” Bodil focused on his music, though his heart was pounding in his chest, causing him to mess up even more than usual. But Tyler kept singing anyway, undeterred by the sour notes. “Stay with me, and let me be your wings…”
Bodil strummed the last chord, and looked up at Tyler again as it rang out, looking almost shy. “…Tyler… why…?”
“I know that song.” Tyler shrugged simply, sitting beside him inside the tent with a sigh. Bodil stared ahead, while Tyler was looking up at the sky. After a long, comfortable silence, he spoke again. “Bodil… why didn’t you tell me you play guitar?”
“Ah… well… it’s a lute actually…” Bodil said. “And… I can’t really play.”
“Oh, don’t be modest, Bodil.”
“No, I mean… I can’t.”
Tyler looked at Bodil in confusion, and saw him looking at his hands. He didn’t notice anything different about them at first, but then he noticed that they were shaking just slightly, and there were pink burn marks on his fingertips where he had touched the strings. Tyler’s eyes widened. “What…?!”
Bodil didn’t seem willing to look at him as he held both his hands out of the tent so the rain could help cool them. “When I was cast out of the council, not only was I stripped of my title as a god, but the thing I loved most was taken from me as punishment for my crimes. At the time, I had no lover, and I didn’t even have Artie just yet, so the thing I loved most… was music. So… whenever I try to play… it burns.”
Tyler stared at him for a moment in shock, before his brows furrowed and a thought occurred to him. “Wait, but you’re back on the council now! Hero told me you would be released of all charges! You should be able to play music again!”
Bodil shrugged sadly. “I guess not… I don’t want to bother Notch about it…”
“Bodil, it’s important to you! You should have it back - this is bullshit!”
Bodil looked at Tyler in surprise at his reaction. “Tyler, it’s okay…”
“No, Bodil! I can’t imagine where I would be if it physically hurt me to sing. It’s not right for you to not be able to play anymore. You have lawfully redeemed yourself! It’s just Notch not being fair to you again!”
Bodil winced, and hesitated, before changing the subject. “Are you and Steven together?” He asked quickly, though he already knew the answer. It was effective, at least, in distracting Tyler from the previous conversation.
“No, no no no!” He insisted quickly. “Just good friends, it’s been that way our whole lives and will continue on as such, I hope!” He hesitated as a memory suddenly resurfaced and he smiled a little. “Although, we were married for awhile when we were younger…”
Bodil’s eyes widened in surprise. “Actually?!”
Tyler shrugged mildly. “Well, we were in elementary school…”
Bodil blinked, before he realized. He snorted, then laughed a little. Tyler just smiled and watched him, happy to have made him smile some. “Look at me.” Bodil said once his laughter had subsided. “We’re fighting for our lives and all I can do is get jealous. So human of me, isn’t it?”
Tyler blinked in surprise. He stared at Bodil with big brown eyes behind his glasses, though Bodil didn’t seem to notice the change in his look. “…You’re jealous of Steven?”
Bodil suddenly realized what he said and his expression changed to something along the lines of, ‘shitshitshitshit’. “…Did I say jealous?”
Tyler smiled a little, and didn’t push the matter, but something inside him cried in happiness. “I’m not mad.”
Bodil huffed, and quickly changed the topic again. “Tyler, just… listen. Okay? Just… be careful.” His demeanor had changed to something more serious, and a little nervous. “This fight is dangerous, and we both know it’s not going in our favor… so… please, just… be careful…”
Tyler swallowed slightly. He didn’t want to talk about this. “I… I’ll try, Bodil, but I can’t promise anything-”
“No!” Bodil cut him off suddenly, looking at him. His puppy eyes looked almost desperate, taking Tyler by surprise. “Please, Tyler. I… I-I don’t know what life would be like without you anymore… I…” He sighed in frustration and looked away. “…I don’t know what I’m saying, my English isn’t very good.” He said, even though he knew every single language created by humankind as though it were his first.
Tyler’s gaze softened as he stared at him. “…You be careful too.” He said. “I don’t want another scare like when I saw Martian go down. Okay? You have to be safe, so we can be together with all this is over.”
Bodil looked at him. He looked like he desperately wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the strength to do so. Tyler noticed and reached for his hand almost comfortingly. “Bodil, what is it…?” He asked gently.
Bodil pulled his hand back, his heart beating so fast he was afraid Tyler would be able to hear it. “I-I… I should go… check on Hero…”
“Bodil…” Tyler sighed. “Stay with me… please.”
Bodil looked at him in surprise, before he slowly nodded. “…Okay…”

It started raining harder after dark. The dark storm clouds blocked out all light as water poured from the heavens, forming large puddles of mud all over both camps resting for the night before the battle would be finished the next day. There were some lanterns lighting the Demigods’ camp, but the light from those only extended so far.
Most of the soldiers had gone to bed, and even those who were awake were in their tents, either trying to sleep or wishing they could be asleep. Only one man was awake and out of his tent on the Demigod side. Hero stood out in the field between the two battle camps, his eyes shut and his face up, letting the rain fall onto him. There was no light there. Just him standing alone… then he heard some footsteps approaching through the mud. His eyes opened, and the bright whiteness made to illuminate some of the darkness.
“You knew I would come.” A voice said suddenly. His sneer could practically be heard aloud.
Hero looked behind him. A shorter male was there. He had dark skin, hard to see in the low light, but was contrasted by a mostly gold-colored outfit. “I hoped you would.” He said, before looking him up and down. “New body?”
“Marcus gave it to me.” The man sneered. “Nice, isn’t it?”
“You’ll need another new one when I’m through with you.”
“Ooh, big talk for a guy who couldn’t even kill me three hundred years ago.”
“Want me to change that, Cozax?”
“We’ll see if you can.” The black Sorcerer, Cozax, smirked and took a fighting stance.
Hero stayed standing still where he was, staring at Cozax silently. For a moment, they were both quiet as they each waited for the other to make the first move. Inside, Hero’s blood was boiling. There was no person he hated more than this man. Not even Marcus. He wasn’t the one responsible for the death of millions of Hero’s people in the Magist war three centuries ago.
Finally, the high tension was suddenly shattered as Cozax dove at Hero, hands lighting up with black magic. Before he could reach him, Hero’s own hands glowed white in contrast, and he blocked his hit easy. Cozax aimed another punch, but again, Hero grabbed it and tossed it away easily. Then Cozax stepped back and turned, aiming a kick right at Hero’s face – but the god was too fast. He kneed him in the stomach before the blow could land and sent him sprawling on his back in the mud.
“Are you going easy on me?” Hero asked, his dark tone holding no room for teasing or his usual joking.
Cozax snarled as he got up, brushing himself off – not that it would do any good. “Shut up and fight me for real!”
Hero’s glared hardened, his bright white eyes somehow dark and foreboding. “Fine.” Finally, he reached out a hand, and a sphere of white light shot towards Cozax. The black Sorcerer blocked the attack by holding up his hands and causing a thin shield of his own dark magic to hold it back. When the white light had dissipated, Cozax threw his own magic attack back.
Hero hit it away like it was a tennis ball, barely even having to use magic. He began to take a step forward with each attack Cozax threw, advancing on him bit by bit. Finally, Cozax snarled and suddenly ran forward when Hero was only a few feet away and jammed his shoulder into his chest. Taken by surprise, Hero fell to the ground, even skidding a few feet in the mud with the force of the attack.
Wasting no time as he knew he couldn’t, Cozax sneered and stepped forward. “Look at the Demigod now~” Hero began to rise, but Cozax kicked him hard in the head behind he could. Hero blacked out for a second from the force of the kick and fell back down, grunting. Cozax snorted. “Pathetic. Who would’ve thought it would be this easy to steal a god’s powers?”
He suddenly slammed his boot down on Hero’s ribs, and the Demigod felt something crack. He couldn’t hold his shout of pain back. Cozax, as ever, was amused by his pain. “Aw, does that hurt? Why don’t you call for your big brother huh? Why don’t you get him to do your work for you, just like during the War?!”
Hero gritted his teeth and held up his hand. Suddenly, a pulse of magic emitted from his palm, the powerful with light throwing Cozax back. The wind was knocked out of him as he fell hard on his back, wheezing slightly. Hero got up, panting slightly. He winced in pain and gripped his side, glaring at Cozax. “Taunting me will grant you nothing.” He hissed at him as he let the black Sorcerer get up. “You caused the deaths… of millions of my people…”
Cozax snorted, rolling his eyes. “I was planning on taking some more, but you got in my way…”
Hero’s eyes flared and suddenly, his eyes glowed along with his hands. So did the ground. Cozax, for once, seemed to be taken by surprise. He looked around him, taking a half step back. The earth under him cracked, and the wind picked up, and the rain seemed to fall even harder. Hero raised his hands, and a magic forcefield like the one Cozax had used just before to deflect his spell formed around them at a diameter of about ten feet, blocking them off from the rest of the world with a transparent white dome. Inside, the ground drove up sharply under Cozax, causing him to fall onto his back. Lightning came from the sides of the dome, burning him in several places, but the magic he used to try to defend himself didn’t work.
“I can sense fear in your aura.” Hero growled at him finally, snapping his attention back to. Cozax looked at the Demigod, and suddenly wished he hadn’t started a fight. He wasn’t afraid, he was terrified. Hero’s eyes shone brighter, though his gaze was dark. “You should be afraid.” He muttered, so low Cozax could barely hear, and held his hands out in front of him. A ball of white appeared there, so bright Cozax couldn’t look at it. His eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen, and he tried to get up, shouting out even though there was nothing he could do to prevent it.
Hero muttered some words under his breath, words not in English, and the light shrank suddenly. Then, it flashed, and exploded all around the dome in a cleansing light, so blinding that even Hero had to shut his eyes. He could hear Cozax screaming in pain; but he didn’t care. He didn’t care…
When the light subsided, Hero looked up. Any life that had been inside the magic dome, any grass or flowers, were dead. Cozax was on the ground a few feet away, his body still – but he was breathing. Hero panted as he let the forcefield drop, and his hands dropped to his sides with it. He stared at Cozax with satisfaction and relief in his eyes, and looked at the nearby camp next. That explosion was loud; somebody would be coming out to check.
Hero then breathed a weak sigh, before he suddenly collapsed to the ground in the rain, out cold.
It had been a long time since he had used such strong magic… but it felt good.
Creation Theory - Ch. 20 - The Eye of the Storm
I actually wrote this weeks ago and forgot to post lmao I'm a mess
New Harvey chapter coming out next!!
It was decided, based on Adam's current state and his strange waking nightmares, that it would be best if Mason stayed with his mother for awhile. Adam was alright with that, since he knew it would be best for the baby - but he missed him so much, it definitely didn't help his mental state improve. Alesa persuaded Ty to stay in town awhile longer and watch out for Adam, which Adam was fine with.
    Ty was a big help over the next several weeks. He not only insisted that Adam take a leave from work for his health, but also made sure he ate and went outside - he drank with him too, but not so much that it was dangerous. Adam was extremely grateful to him, even though he wasn't much for conversation at the moment. Ty still worked, so Adam was left home alone for most of the day, which gave him a lot of time to sleep - and to dream. Or rather, to have nightmares.
    He didn't tell anybody, but the visions were just getting worse. He didn't even tell Ty, knowing his friend would drag him to a therapist. He had had enough of therapists for one life. But, his visions were getting worse and worse; in one vision, he was at a funeral for someone he didn't know, and he felt the sadness of loss as if he himself had lost someone. In another, he nearly died, and he felt the fear and pain of the hit he took in a real battle, and he didn't recover from it for hours after he came out of it. But, when he was in the real world, he always had trouble remembering what happened in his visions, as though he had woken from a dream and it became less clear to him as time went on.
    Finally, it came to a point where Adam was afraid of what was happening to him. He didn't understand why he was having these dreams and flashes, he didn't know if something was wrong with him. He was scared, and lost, and confused.
    He was thrown to his knees on the ground, and there was nothing he could do to stop his fall. His hands were tied behind his back. Someone swiftly grabbed his head by the hair and yanked it back roughly. He heard somebody shout his name.
    He said nothing. He knew that it would do know good; he knew that he was going to die here, now. He felt something sharp pressing against his throat, only barely not breaking the skin. A knife.

    Adam jumped awake, gasping and clutching his neck, as if in pain. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, his heart beating fast with adrenaline. He quickly rubbed his wrists, shaking as he laid back down, squeezing his eyes shut. "Not real..." He told himself shakily. "I-It's all just a bad dream..." But as much as he wanted to believe it, he knew deep inside that it wasn't true.
    And then, suddenly, someone new came into his life.

Ivor couldn't help but glare slightly out the plane window. The was a child kicking the back of his seat, Apollo was stretched across his lap as well as Jay's, who was sat beside him. The scientist had his laptop open, rested on Apollo's back for him to use - which he would do, if only he hadn't fallen asleep ten minutes into the flight. He had told Ivor to wake him is such a thing were to occur, but Ivor knew he needed his sleep, so he chose that, for his own good, he would let him sleep.
    Still, he was not having fun on the flight, mostly because he was afraid of heights - but for the sake of his coworker, he would deal with it. Just like Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo. God, he loved Jimmy Stewart.
    When the flight landed and they departed from the aircraft into the terminal, Jay looked around, rubbing his face. "I've never been to Seattle." He said.
    "Nor have I." Ivor said, rubbing the back of his neck sorely from the uncomfortable plane seats. Apollo wagged his tail by Jay's side, sitting and looking around but not chasing after anything obediently. Jay smiled down at him and scratched his head. The husky had a bright jacket on which read, "service dog", and allowed him to be in an airport with him. Apollo even seemed proud of it.
    Jay jumped slightly as he heard a soft, tiny gasp nearby. He looked over just in time to see a small child, a little girl, running over. Ivor looked alarmed, as though the little girl were to do something, but the child only giggled and squeezed Apollo into a tight hug. "Jru! Jru!" Cried the little girl excitedly, definitely speaking in another language. Jay smiled a little down at her, while Apollo stayed sitting obediently, though he still wagged his tail happily.
    "What did she say?" Jay asked Ivor.
    "She's excited about the puppy." Ivor stated.
    Jay smiled a little bigger and crouched down beside her. "Hey there."
    The little girl smiled up at him with messy teeth, a lot of them missing since her adult teeth were still growing in. She had very tan skin and messy, long black hair. She was wearing a colorful dress, cute though it had patches in it. She seemed happy, despite the fact she was a little dirty.
    "I'm going to ask where her mother is." Ivor said, just getting a job done as always. He leaned over the child and said something in her native tongue.
    She looked up at him, and looked a little more scared. Jay didn't blame her, he was a very big guy with a low accent and he was leaning over her like a giant. But she was brave, and she answered him softly.
   Ivor sighed softly. "She doesn't know." He told Jay.
   Jay hesitated for a moment, regarding the girl with sympathy. Now that she thought about her mother, she seemed a little worried about how she didn't know where she was. "...Ask her what her mom looks like." Jay said, and Ivor did so without hesitation.
    The little girl replied a little more shakily than before. Ivor looked up at Jay. "Well, apparently, her mother is tall, pretty, and nice."
    Jay couldn't help but smile a little. "Did you get anything else?"
    "Well, she probably is Arabic judging by the language the little one speaks... that's really all I have."
    Jay huffed slightly. "...I know what to do." He picked the little girl up and carried her over to a quieter corner of the terminal as Ivor and Apollo followed, every confused. Jay sat her down in a chair while he knelt in front of her so they were about the same height. "Here... think about the last time you saw your mom, 'kay?" Jay asked her, and after Ivor translated for him, she nodded.
    She shut her eyes and kicked her feet as she thought of her mother. Jay took a deep breath and gently took her head in both his hands, slow enough so it didn't alarm her, positioning his thumbs so they were just over her closed eyes.
    Suddenly, Ivor caught on to what he was doing, and tensed. "Jay, no..."
    Jay ignored him as usual, taking a few more slow breaths, before he shut his eyes as well. Instantly, he had a vivid image in his mind. All sound from the real world was blocked out, as was all sight.
    In the vision, he was in a different place in the terminal. He was not himself. He was walking across the hard floor, having to walk double the pace of the woman beside him because of how small he was, who was holding his hand tightly. He looked up at the woman, and saw that she was much taller than him. She had dark skin and determined but worried eyes, and wore a yellow and red dress with a red headscarf to match. She said something to him, something like "Hurry up", and he tried. He looked up and around, and noticed a sign with a big letter "B" on it. Of course, he didn't recognize the letter then, since he didn't know the English alphabet in the vision gaze of the little girl.
    Suddenly, he looked to the side and noticed something that peaked his interest. A dog, a big grey and white dog, was walking across the terminal in a yellow jacket that said something in English. There were two men with the dog as well - one of them was tall and largely built, wearing a nice suit and was holding a pair of sunglasses. The man beside him stepped less certainly, and was closest to the dog. He had messy brown hair and was pale, wearing a galaxy-printed hoodie and jeans. But, he was only interested in the dog. He laughed excitedly and pulled away from the woman's grip, running after the dog and instantly disappearing from the crowd. He dimly heard the woman shouting after him in alarm, but all he cared about at the moment was petting that dog.

    Jay's moved his hands away from the little girl and his eyes opened, but he didn't see anything. He let out a weak sound and started to fall over, but Ivor readily caught him, keeping him sitting upright. "Are you alright?!" Ivor asked him quickly, which Apollo barked softly in alarm.
    Jay nodded numbly, slowly recovering. "I-I'm fine..." He mumbled. "Let go, I'm fine, I'm fine..."
    The little girl shook off her dizziness as if it was nothing. Jay blinked several times, and bit by bit over a few seconds, his own vision came back.
    "...Did you find anything out?" Ivor asked him after a moment.
    Jay nodded again and got up. He stumbled a little at first, but Ivor steadied him readily. When the male took another step, he was much more stable. "Gate B." He said. "Woman in a red and yellow dress and headscarf, she's probably really worried..."
   Ivor nodded and first picked up the little girl, then took Jay's arm, leading him swiftly and carefully through the crowd as Apollo bounded along just behind them. They passed back through Gates E, D, and then C before, sure enough, the two saw a woman in a red headscarf calling a name frantically.
    "Lakshmi!" The woman called in alarm. "Lakshmi! Lakshmi!"
    "Am'umm!" The little girl cried and squirmed to get out of Ivor's arms. Ivor quickly, carefully set her down on the ground, and she instantly ran into her mother's arms. The mother sobbed in relief and picked her up, saying something frantically in their language. The little girl just buried her face in her shoulder, sniffling.
    The woman looked at Jay and Ivor was relief as well as tears in her eyes. "Thank you." She said, her accent very heavy, so it could barely be made out.
    Jay just smiled and waved while Ivor nodded. The woman turned and walked away quickly, obviously having to hurry to get somewhere, but the the little girl smiled and waved back to Jay over her shoulder.
    Once they were out of sight, the two men and the dog stayed quiet for a few seconds. Then, Ivor looked at Jay with a sigh. "You shouldn't do that. You know it's bad for you."
    Jay didn't say anything, still staring after the woman and her child. Ivor was quiet a moment longer, before he rolled his eyes, giving in. "Now where do we go?" He asked.
   Jay hesitated, before he set down his backpack and rifled through it quickly till he pulled out his laptop, opening it and almost dropping it clumsily in the process. "Um..." He pressed a few keys, and the map zoomed in on one particular street. "We're headed to... 68 Gilded Street."
    Ivor nodded, pulling his phone out of his pocket with one hand as he slid on his sunglasses with the other. "I'll call a cab."

Adam's hands were shaking slightly as he held his glass of ice water. His most recent nightmare had him unable to sleep for fear of dreaming more of it. He had gotten up, but neglected to turn on any lights. He was sitting in the kitchen in the dark sometime past midnight, his only goal to get go bed before Ty got home from work. He had texted Adam saying he would be awhile editing a video.
    In all truth, Adam didn't really miss recording... he missed his recruits, of course, but he didn't mind not playing video games for the time being. That had never really happened before.
    Adam shook off his absent thoughts and ran his trembling fingers through his hair, trying to calm himself down. It worked some, but his heart was still racing, as was his mind with thought. His dream... he had been in danger... he almost died. What would happen if he died in one of his visions?
   No, no, it's not real, it's just a dream... It's just dreams...
   Adam took a shaky drink of water and got up to go to bed, hoping that maybe if he tried to listen to music as he was falling asleep that he would have an easier time; but then there was a knock at the door.
   Adam stopped in surprise, staying still. All was quiet in the house aside from the gentle ticking of a wall clock. Adam looked at said clock and saw that it was after two in the morning. Ty had a key, so why was someone knocking on his door at two A.M.? Rascal, who had been sleeping on the living room couch, raised his head as there was another knock, his ears perked up. Adam was slowly approaching the door now, his steps silent and his heard pounding nervously, but at least his mind was off his horrible nightmare.
    He stopped in front of the door, touching the handle. There was another knock, and as soon as he heard it, he yanked open the door quickly enough so he wouldn't chicken out halfway and slam it shut again. "What?!" He said, sounding more panicked than angry at being woken up.
    There were two men there. One of them was dressed in a nice suit and sunglasses at night, and he was tall and pretty muscular. The other man, in contrast, was short, scrawny, and pale. He had messy brown hair and wore a normal galaxy hoodie.
    The paler man looked at Adam and opened his mouth to speak, but when he saw his face, he instantly froze stiff. His eyes were big and bright blue, almost glowing with shock. Adam didn't say anything, staring back at him in confusion, wondering if this man somehow knew him from somewhere even though he was sure they had never met; not even at a con or anything.
    "...Y-You..." The man whispered.
    The taller man looked down at his companion. "Jay?"
    The man, Jay, shook his head roughly and held out a hand. "Hi, I-I'm Jason Probst, sorry about that. Thought you were someone else! Haha... Um. Call me Jay."
    Adam reached out numbly and shook his hand, staring at him suspiciously still. "...Adam Dahlberg..."
    Jay sucked in a breath for some reason at the sound of his name. Adam didn't have time to pay attention, however, because he suddenly became aware of a dog they had brought with him. A husky, wearing a little jacket read, "Service Dog", trotted past Adam and right into his house. "Wh- Hey!" He protested.
    "Apollo!" Jay scolded. "You can't just walk into people's houses uninvited, that's so rude!" He said, and then proceeded to walk right past Adam and into his house, uninvited.
    "Hey, you can't - this is my-" The bigger man glared down at Adam as he came in, shutting the door after him. Adam suddenly felt much less compelled to try and kick the strange people out. "U-Uh..."
    "This is a nice place, actually." Jay said, he looked towards the living room and smiled as he saw Apollo and Rascal walking circles around each other curiously. He smiled. "Aw, you have a dog too!"
    Adam opened his mouth to say something else about how he probably should leave because he's a complete stranger and it's two in the morning, but suddenly, he felt cold again - like he had been recently all the time just before having a vision. He tensed up, before he no longer was able to sense the real world around him.
    The scene was less vivid than the others; he was looking out of someone else's eyes as usual, but he wasn't near the sea. He felt completely different than he usually did - in the other visions, he always felt sad and like he had lost something... now, he just felt... happy. The aura of this place was warm and friendly. He was outside, and around a campfire. He saw blurry figures sitting all around, laughing; he couldn't make out what they looked like, but he felt as though he liked them, and could trust them; there was only one person he could make out.
   He turned to his right and smiled at the man there - he was laughing at somethings someone said at the time. He was the only person that Adam could see clearly. He wa wearing some complex, lightly armored suit, like the ones in Pacific Rim or something. It fit him closely, and was colored mostly in shades of blue and some black. There was also a helmet with an orange-tinted visor. The outfit reminded him of something, though he couldn't remember what at the time. He was much more interested in his face. He was rather pale, with short but messy brown hair. His eyes glowed, literally glowing, bright blue, and he had strange blue-framed glasses pushed up on his forehead. He looked just like...
   Adam stumbled slightly and groaned as he returned abruptly to reality, holding his head. Jay's head snapped around at the sound, eyes big as he saw what he was doing. He looked very interested in him all of the sudden.
    "You had another one, didn't you?!" He asked excitedly.
    Adam looked at him with furrowed brows, confused and still alarmed. "What?"
    Jay walked quickly over, almost running the short distance, and in his excitement, grabbed onto his forehead in the same way he had done the little girl in the airport, just far less gentle. In a flash, Jay saw the image that Adam had seen seconds before, but it all happened too fast. Jay yelped in pain as he got a headache from approaching the situation too quickly, and Adam felt the same twinge. They both fell to the floor with two matching dull thuds. Apollo barked in alarm at it and ran over quickly, sniffing Jay worriedly and then Adam to try and see what was wrong.
    Meanwhile, Ivor simply looked on and sighed.
    Suddenly, the door was opened, and a very tired-looking Ty came in, rubbing his eyes and yawning. He didn't look where he was going, and Ivor dared not scare him by suddenly speaking, so he just let Ty trip right over Adam's arm. Ty shouted in surprise and stumbled, finally falling on his behind. He scooted his knees close to him in alarm and looked at what he tripped over in alarm. When he saw Adam, he opened his mouth to scream.
    "No, don't worry, Jay does this all the time, they'll be fine." Ivor said quickly.
    When Ty heard the strange foreign man with a deep voice who was suddenly in his house with his random friend who was passed out on the ground with his roommate, Ty was taken off guard and very alarmed. He was so scared, in fact, he just came right back around and didn't even care. He groaned loudly and got up. "Shit, don't scare me like that..." He looked around, assessing the situation. Adam was unconscious on the floor, as was some random pale man with messy hair. The only one of the three who was conscious was standing nearby with his arms crossed. It was dark out, but he was still wearing sunglasses for whatever reason. Ty wrinkled his nose at him. "Are you gonna rob us?"
    Ty nodded, as if thinking over his answer. Then he turned away, heading towards the kitchen. "I need a drink."
    Ivor blinked, looking interested in something for once. "Could I have a shot or two? Or five?"
Creed - Ch. 2 - The Visionary
Wheeeeeeee this is gonna be fun
Jay is the best bby ever ok I love him just wait guys
Lol look @ me go guys

So tomorrow at my school it's "dress like a famous person day" and I'm gonna go as Duncan from the Yogs and say I'm Dr. Horrible. So this is me.

I'm the gay mad scientist nowDuncan Cosplay?? by ThaliaKal


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Lol look @ me go guys

So tomorrow at my school it's "dress like a famous person day" and I'm gonna go as Duncan from the Yogs and say I'm Dr. Horrible. So this is me.

I'm the gay mad scientist nowDuncan Cosplay?? by ThaliaKal


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